Need Help with Domestic Water Heater Installation?

Homes in Australia that have gas, electric, or solar hot water systems can get help with replacement systems when they need them, even if it is in the evening or on a weekend. Accessing assistance for water heater installation becomes important when there is a problem with the system and the homeowner suddenly cannot get hot water for cooking, cleaning or showering. Having a service such as PlumbCare WA is a real advantage to homeowners when trouble arises.

Should The Broken Water Heater Be Fixed Or Replaced?

If the home’s water heater is old and inefficient, it may be wise to replace it with a more dependable, energy efficient system. On the other hand, if the water heater is in good condition other than the current problem, it may be more cost effective to have it repaired. The decision about repairing or replacing also depends on how serious the problem is. PlumbCare WA have licenced plumbers that specialise in diagnosing problems with hot water heaters, and can explain what is wrong with your system, and the options that are available. If the system is beyond repair, options for replacement systems can be discussed with a reputable licenced plumber. If in doubt, the homeowner should ask to be shown the damaged parts and the cause of the leaking water heater. Some hot water heater problems can be easily be repaired whilst others are beyond fixing.

What Type Of Hot Water Heater Do You Need?

There are several types of hot water heaters available to Australian homeowners. Companies such as Rinnai, Rheem, Bosch, and Apricus make excellent quality hot water heaters. The gas hot water systems and electric hot water systems are more traditional but have been improved with new technology over the years to be even more energy efficient in their operation. Solar hot water systems use newer technology and are gaining in popularity because of their energy efficiency and use of the sun rather than gas or electricity for fuel. When choosing to install a solar hot water system, you will need to make sure that its position on your roof has good exposure to sunlight, and is not being shaded by large trees.

What’s New to Water Heating Saving?

Having solar panels fitted to your roof to produce green efficient energy, can also be utilised with heating hot water through the day and storing it for evening use. Solar power is collected and converted to electricity to run the system. A good exposure to sunlight is required for this system to work. Each kind of water heating system requires professional installation by experts who are trained well in that type of system installation. For more information on this, please call PlumbCare WA.