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Bubbling paint or loose shower tiles? Could my shower be leaking?

Bubbling paint or loose shower tiles? Could my shower be leaking?

Leaking showers are one of the most common problems that we encounter at PlumbCare WA and are often the main reason why many people choose to get their bathrooms renovated. So, how do you spot the signs before it’s too late?

There are several symptoms to look out for that may indicate that your shower could be leaking and require repair. With one in three Australian households experiencing these signs, here is what to look out for:

  • Mouldy or swollen skirting boards
  • Cracking and gaps in bathroom grout and tiling
  • Cracked or loose tiles in the shower
  • Bubbling or peeling paint opposite your shower
  • Damp, musty smell caused by wet carpet and wallpaper
  • Stained timber under the sub floor or house

A leaking shower can be caused by many factors and can be a timely and costly exercise if not fixed soon. One of the most common reasons for showers leaking is building movement, especially if located on the second floor of a house.

Hot or cold fluctuating weather can also cause a shower leakage. Beneath the surface of tiles there is generally a waterproofing membrane designed to stop water from penetrating the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, these waterproofing membranes can be susceptible to damage caused by age, building movement, poor installation or in some cases no Waterproofing installed at all. Once these waterproof membranes are broken, water is able to penetrate into the surrounding area and cause damage.

No one likes a leaky shower, especially when they receive their water bill or find mould or damage to their home. It is best to get a plumber in right away to assess the situation, it could be a quick fix with the shower pressure or replacing the shower head, or it could be the sign of a much larger problem.

PlumbCare WA are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing, so give us a call today and say goodbye to that leaky shower head or Waterproofing issue.